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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What Kind of Consulting Are You Really Doing?

I want to blow out all the preconcieved notions of SALES . There are a lot of TIRED and expressive ideas about how this whole process works. For one thing the concept of a consultant is something that is really..... misleading.

When we get invited into a consulting situation we want to project some options. These options are not necessarily services that we provide. Many of these could be attributed to another studio or set of services. You will want to be as honest as possible.

** I am usually glad to not be able to service ALL CLIENTS. My reasons for saying this should be obvious. One cannot be great at all things. Or, simply said, one firm may not specialize in handling all types of cases regarding this particular client. You will avoid a lot of problems in the future.

Its amazing but everytime a "consultant" gets an interview he tries to shove his product in front of the clients face as the BEST CHOICE. The client expects it and usually feels obligated to buying from that person because that is what typically happens. I have switched out this technique to state a very obvious statement....

"... at this level you may want to consider doing.... X"

I am not afraid to state this out to the potential client. If they want a super high end solution I will say this. But more importantly if the client is not nailing down a specific need of what they want then I may not be able to accomodate them. This is not something I want to drag out or have overshadow my company. A lofty deadline over a firm is not always a good thing to have.

Do not be afraid to be a TRUE CONSULTANT and give the facts. Don't rush out to be the first to nominate yourself for the job. Save yourself future embarrassment by spelling out all the options and allowing the future business partner to make a sensible choice.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007


Would You Like To Figure Out How To Save Money on Broadcast Media?

More importantly would you like to figure out how to stick your marekting message in every corner of the web? Stop getting jerked around by heartless media vultures... Here is the ONLY way to get your marekting message out to the people who need to hear it most....

IPOD Video and mobile device marketing is the way to go. Here is a way you can save a small fortune on getting your marketing message out to the pubilc and in niche markets.

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Monday, June 4, 2007

New Podcast About Google Universal Search

"New Podcast Episode Deals With Google Universal Search"

Is this the end of SEO, Search Engine Optimization Firms as we know it? Is this the reason why I get swop offers DAILY from nervous SEO firms who are not ready to handle THE BIG LEAP?

Stay tuned and find out.....
This podcast should answer most of your burning questions on the subject.....

Click here to get your own player.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Google Univeral Search - Is It Worth It?

A Recent trend has emerged to take Googles Search capabilities to a new height. There is talk going around about a new Universal Search that encompasses video, podcasting and more.... This is a good idea since this is where everything seems to be heading.....

Here is some straight talk:

Pandia: Another important change is Google’s gradual implementation of
“Universal Search”. This means that the company will try to blend search results from various “vertical search services” (like news, blog, video and image search) into regular web search results.
This will make it even harder to get into that first page of results, won’t it?

Kalena: Yes. Universal Search will change the way people search as a whole, therefore impacting the existing business models of SEO and SEM firms.

It will boost the importance of non-text content within web sites, so for example, image and video content will become major marketing channels in their own right, rather than tools to attract visitors to text content. Search marketing firms can no longer rely on the optimization of web pages to gain top SERP positions for clients.

Pandia: What can a Webmaster do to increase her chances of getting listed in the alternative Google search databases? Does she have to set up blogs, produce videos and serve news?

Kalena: The goal posts have shifted again and webmasters need to rethink their strategy, as do SEM firms. A holistic approach incorporating social media, product placement, PR, blog and viral marketing, video and image optimization as well as traditional SEO and SEM/PPC may be required, or a smaller combination of these channels. It really depends on what the site’s target market is searching for.

It may require some time to study searcher patterns on Google’s new Interface before you decide on an approach. On the positive side, Universal Search provides a tremendous opportunity to get the jump on competitors who are slower to implement these tactics.

You can see the whole article here:

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

YouTube Book Finally Hits The Shelves

"6 Months After Its Sale To Google - YouTube: The Book Finally Hits The Stores"

I was excited to see this thing finally hit the bookshelves personally. I had been a fan of this technology since it came out and saw the immediate implications of it. But man it took a long time for this to finally come out into a book format.

Before you get all excited about the possibilities of this text and what it holds I want to mention first that its very thin. It is not more than a quarter of an inch deep and there are lots of pictures. However, there is a very interesting section in there about commercial advertising and there are a few good resource links in there.

It retails for about $15 and I highly suggest picking up a copy.

If you want more TEKKIE type stuff then you should get a UK edition of Digital Video magazine. There are some phenomenal tutorials in there and how you can connect your video with There is a lot of work involved that you may not think was possible but its required reading if you want to be taken seriously.

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Writing For Spiders, Google Bots and Other Tekkie Things

"Writing Content For Two Audiences: How To Satisfy Both Types of Searching Clients"

Sales copy can take you places. It can take you into the offices of CEO's, Joint Venture Partners, and Angel Investors. Fine tuning your sales process online can do wonders too if you are paying close attention.

You can get yourself boosted high on the search engines if you do this right. Or you can blow it if you don't play by the rules. Spamming and keyword stuffing have taken on new definitions in the recent months. Online marketing is not what it started out to be. It is now a complicated game of skill and you must match wits with the search engines to seek your fortunes online.

If you do this correctly you can get high search engine rankings on Google and Yahoo. If you don't know the rules on doing this you can also end up getting banned and blacklisted! Its not childs play.

There are two styles of writing you must introduce to your copy.

1. Copywriting For Search Engine Spiders
Theres a formula for writing sales copy online if you want to get found. More importantly you have to present it in the right percentage and ratio so you will get found. There are roughly 12 places you need to put your sales copy so the search engine spiders can index you properly and you must do this on every page.

2. Copywriting For The Human Reader
This is another formular that you must put into place. Depending on where you put your content and how you shape up your offers this is going to dictate the level of success you achieve. Most companies forget to put in some sort of sales funnel on their web sites. They automatically launch into how much they can help in some way. They forget to make their sales pitch consumer focussed. The purpose of creating stunning sales copy is to keep the reader reading.

You must do a blend of these two styles to get a successful campaign up and running. Sounds confusing? It will take a little time to get used to. The best advice I can tell you is to get started writing and to get into the habit of doing this daily. There is nothing else that is going to give you the speed, style and control of your own words.

Not every copywriting style is going to sound good to you. Some styles won't click with you as well as others. Imagine being able to get up any day and fine craft your own sales copy and create your own deals. This is going to do wonders for your self esteem and your business.

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